Three Very, Very, Very Sexy Gentlemen, Slowly Sipping 3.4% Beer and Talking into a Box: A Conversation That Takes us Back to Our Roots W/@paulmuribellum - Drink This Pod Ep. 50

Paul Jay Joins us again for a very special 50th episode. We start strong with a deep political discussion about trump, and in true Drink This Pod fashion go in 10 different directions at once. We talk sexy. James Franco ruins everything. Matt manages to surprise Paul G with his love of Slaughter House Five. Our love of the Onion comes up, as well as the Oatmeal (Cause... you know... food). Our love of and/or hatred for Blade Runner is retreaded YET AGAIN. We forget to intro the show, and completely fuck up the outro.

For those new to DTP, this episode is exactly what the show used to be like when we first started. It is the idea of DTP in its purest form, when Paul and I first discussed doing a booze centric podcast. Which is exactly what the 50th episode of Drink This Podcast should be.

It is amazing how much we have grown, and how little we've changed. We genuinely enjoy this episode. We hope you do too.

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