ACBGC Episode 23 - Jason Van Rassel of Original Levity


ACBGC Episode 24 - Jason Van Rassel of Original Levity

Today Andrew is joined by beer writer Jason Van Rassel. Jason is an accomplished beer writer and appreciator who talks with Andrew about bringing his passion for writing and his passion for beer together in original levity. 

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Show Notes:

01:02 - Our guest today

01:13 - Original Levity

04:08 - Hops and Hockey Cards

04:38 - Covering a Beat

08:55 - Jason's Beer Journey

10:10 - Brew on Premise

13:45 - Cowtown Vs. E-Town

19:29 - Central AB

21:26 - The Fest of Ales

28:32 - Whats going well in Alberta?

40:56 - WHat do you want to see in Alberta?