ACBGC Episode 10 - Ben and Derek of The Dandy Brewing Company

Today Andrew is joined by two of the fine gentlemen who make up the Dandy Brewing Co., Ben and Derek. They join Andrew to talk about the origins of Calgary's only nano brewery and brewing beer that they wanted to see produced. They also discuss the great community of breweries, and about the bright future of Alberta Beer. Check them out at their Website.

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Show Notes:

01:06 - What makes Dandy unique?

04:02 - Podcast Beer - Summertime (and the Living is easy)

06:00 - Musical influences

07:25 - Artist in Residence Program

11:05 - where the Dandys came from

17:30 - Starting the Brewery

25:07 - The Brewhouse

35:13 - Expansion

37:53 - What do you want to see in Alberta beer?