ACBGC Episode 24 - Mason of Ale Architect


Today Andrew is joined by Mason from Ale Architect. Mason describes his journey from engineer to brewer, and the great community that exists in Alberta.

Show Notes:

01:05 - What makes Ale Architect unique?

01:55 - The Super Saison

07:48 - Mason's Beer industry Journey

15:50 - Traveling

19:53 - always learning

26:36 - Beer Fantasy League

29:09 - Scotch Scotch Scotch

30:49 - The Ab beer community

36:52 - What do you think AB is doing well?

39:25 - what do you want from Ab beers?

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ACBGC Episode 24 - Jason Van Rassel of Original Levity


ACBGC Episode 24 - Jason Van Rassel of Original Levity

Today Andrew is joined by beer writer Jason Van Rassel. Jason is an accomplished beer writer and appreciator who talks with Andrew about bringing his passion for writing and his passion for beer together in original levity. 

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Show Notes:

01:02 - Our guest today

01:13 - Original Levity

04:08 - Hops and Hockey Cards

04:38 - Covering a Beat

08:55 - Jason's Beer Journey

10:10 - Brew on Premise

13:45 - Cowtown Vs. E-Town

19:29 - Central AB

21:26 - The Fest of Ales

28:32 - Whats going well in Alberta?

40:56 - WHat do you want to see in Alberta?




ACBGC Episode 22 - 2018 Soon-eries and Rumour-ies Calgary Edition

ACBGC Episode 22 - 2018 Soon-eries and Rumour-ies Calgary Edition

Today Andrew shares his predictions for breweries opening this year in Calgary. Part 2 of 2.

Show Notes:

02:26 - the rules

11:38 - Calgary Predictions

12:50 - Brewery #1: Dandy 2.0

14:10 - Brewery #2: Elite Brewery and Cidery

16:42 - Brewery #3: Establishment Brewing

17:53 - Brewery #4: Freehold Brewing

21:17 - Brewery #5: Marda Loop Brewing

23:45 - Brewery#6: Ol' Beautiful

26:02 - Brewery #7: Prairie Dog Brewing

30:48 - Brewery #8: Revival Brewcade

33:17 - Brewery #9 Born Colorado Brewing

35:20 - Brewery #10 Legend 7 Brewing

38:17 - Brewery #11: New Level Brewing

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ACBGC Episode 21 - 2018 Soon-eries and Rumour-ies Edmonton Edition

Today Andrew shares his predictions for breweries opening this year in Edmonton. Part 1 of 2

Show Notes:

00:21 - Intro

01:35 - Guest Comentator

03:05 - Edmonton Predictions

06:35 - The Existing 7

11:56 - Brewery #1: Analog Brewery

17:40 - Brewery #2: The Growlery 

22:22 - Brewery #3: The Monolith

26:40 - Brewery #4: Sea Change

29:07 - Brewery #5: Omen Brewing

30:07 - Brewery #6: Polar Park

36:38 - Dunvagen and Peace River Brewing Co.

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ACBGC Episode 20 - Cole From Ribstone Creek Brewing


Today andrew is joined by Cole of Ribstone Creek Brewing. Cole talks about the little rural brewery that could, as well as his own beer journey that has taken him to every edge of this province. 


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Show Notes:

1:01 - What makes Ribstone unique

13:04 - The Abbey Lane

17:17 - brewers breakfast/ community space

25:07 - Cole's Beer Journey

33:21 - What is going well in AB beer?

37:21 - What could be better?

41:00 otto cask

ACBGC Episode 18 - Jacob of Medicine Hat Brewing


Today Andrew is re-joined by Jacob. Jacob tells the guidecast al about his new adventures in Medicine Hat, using Untappd to its fullest, and what he thinks the future of Ab Beer is.

Show Notes:

01:26 What makes Med Hat unique?

07:28 - The Brewery

16:13 - The beers 

21:19 Eggnog

23:18 - Samis Sessional

25:50 - Untappd

31:30 - The Brewpub

42:13 - The future of Medicine Hat

45:21 - what would you like to see happen in Alberta Beer


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ACBGC Episode 17 - Dr. Greg of Blind Enthusiasm


Today Andrew is joined by legendary Edmontonian Greg Zeschuk; Doctor, video game developer, and now, brewery owner. Greg talks with Andrew about his most recent endeavour Blind Enthusiasm, and Beira, a restaurant brewery combo that is re-thinking the way both are done. 

Show Notes:

00:57 - What makes Blind Enthusiasm unique?

2:35 - The Brewers - Rob & Doug

04:47 - The Chef/Resto - Christine

08:50 - The Beers

11:50 - Why Ritchie?

14:20 - The Monolith

18:37 - Sours Timeline

20:10 - Greg's Beer Journey

26:45 - ASBA and Going Pro

32:14 - What are you wanting from Alberta Beer?

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ACBGC Episode 16 - Stephen from Sherbrooke


Today Andrew is joined by Sherbrooke's beer guru Stephan Bezan. Stephen shares his long and storried beer journey with Andrew, as well as some insights into the Alberta scene, where its been and where we are headed.


Show Notes:

01:21 - What Makes Sherbrooke Unique?

13:10 - Your beer journey

20:52 - The Alberta Section

38:37 - What do you like, and what do you want to see in the Alberta Scene?


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ACBGC Episode 15 - Brandon and Drew of Town Square

In an ACBGC first we welcome 2 (count em 2) members of the Town Square Brewing Co. Brandon and Drew.  They chat with Andrew about their journies that led them to be a part of this community minded brewer in the deep south of Edmonton



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Show Notes

1:09 - What makes Town Square Unique?

04:42 - The beers

12:47 -  Your Beer Journey - Brandon

17:30 - Your Beer Journey - Drew

24:09 - Indigogo Campaign

26:40 - What do you want to see from Alberta beer?


ACBGC Episode 14 - Adam

Today Andrew is joined by prolific brewer both profesional and at home, Adam. Adam talks about his craft beer journey that has lead him from Nova Scotia all the way to Alberta to make a mark on our growing beer scene and culture.

Show Notes:

01:03 - What are we drinking - Saison Blend

01:56 - Beer Aha moment

04:03 - Propeller Brewing

05:31 - The Test Batch System

07:20 - Grizzly Paw - Welcome to beautiful Canmore

10:37 - THE stout

12:56 - Alley Kat

15:01 - Blindman

17:21 - Dumping beer

21:37 - Beer consulting

26:04 -Unity Brew

29:21 - what next...?

41:04 - What do you want to see happen in Alberta beer?


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ACBGC Episode 13 - Simon of Hell's Basement Brewing


Today we are joined by Simon, representing Hell's Basement Brewing from Medicine Hat. Simon shares the incredible story of a town that drank a brewery dry, and shares some stories from his own beer journey.

Show Notes:

01:06 - What makes Hell's Basement unique?

09:06 - Andrew's shameless plug/ the HB line up

17:50 - The city of the Hat

21:44 - Simon's beer journey

41:26 - What do you want to see happen in AB beer?


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ACBGC Ep 12 - Graeme of Troubled Monk

Today Andrew is joined by Graeme of Troubled Monk Brewery. Graeme talks with Anderw about the family spirit that powers the the brewery (and soon to be distillery). They also chat about the homebrewers guild, and Graeme's own beer journey.

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01:01 - What makes Troubled Monk unique

03:25 - The beer Graeme brought - Mothers Milk Stout aged in bourbon barrels 

07:14 - The test batch system

09:11 - Craft Soda

10:25 - Graeme's beer journey

20:28 - The Distillery 

24:05 - Home brewers Guild

27:14 - Distance Running

30:42 - What do you want to see happen in Alberta beer


ACBGC Episode 11 - Chris of Craft Beer Importers


Today Andrew is joined by Chris Connely of Craft Beer Importers. They discuss a robust beer culture, #importerprolems, and a special all Alberta announcement. Also producer Matt yells his shameless plug.

Show Notes:

01:20 - A robust beer scene NEEDS imports/ What are the challenges unique to importers?

08:22 - Craft Beer Advent Calendar

12:20 - Chris' beer journey

19:25 - Learning, rating, and understanding context

23:40 - Weird beers

33:30 - A very special Alberta announcement 


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ACBGC Episode 10 - Ben and Derek of The Dandy Brewing Company

Today Andrew is joined by two of the fine gentlemen who make up the Dandy Brewing Co., Ben and Derek. They join Andrew to talk about the origins of Calgary's only nano brewery and brewing beer that they wanted to see produced. They also discuss the great community of breweries, and about the bright future of Alberta Beer. Check them out at their Website.

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Show Notes:

01:06 - What makes Dandy unique?

04:02 - Podcast Beer - Summertime (and the Living is easy)

06:00 - Musical influences

07:25 - Artist in Residence Program

11:05 - where the Dandys came from

17:30 - Starting the Brewery

25:07 - The Brewhouse

35:13 - Expansion

37:53 - What do you want to see in Alberta beer?


ACBGC Episode 9 - Shane of Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous

Today Andrew is joined by Shane, founder of the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous for an acronym heavy episode. Shane has been beating the drum of craft beer since before your grandfather was in diapers, and he tells Andrew about the basis for founding the EBGA and the events they use to help grow interest and participation in the craft beer scene. sign up for their newsletter


Show Notes

01:03 - Who are the EBGA and what makes you unique?

03:27 - Current Events

13:30 - The Real Ale Festival

20:16 - when did you first enjoy beer?

29:38 - Breaking News!

30:50 - What do you want to see in Alberta Beer?

33:23 - How Big can things get?


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ACBGC Episode 8 - Andrew from the Alberta Craft Beer Guide Book W/ Guest Host @slingsbot

This week Andrew is trading his hosting chair for a guesting chair and letting producer Matt take the wheel. Andrew talks in a bit more detail about the Alberta Craft Beer Guide Book, as well as his own personal beer journey.

Show Notes:

02:10 - What makes the guidebook unique?

05:15 The lay out of the guide

11:04 - The brewery info pages

14:30 The beer being drank

19:35 - what changes have you seen in what is necessary to start a brewery?

32:00 - Launch parties

37:20 - Read it for the articles

42:40 - What would you like to see in Alberta Beer?

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ACBGC Episode 7 - Bent Stick Ben


Andrew sits down with Ben, one quarter of Edmonton's first Nano brewery Bent Stick. Ben discusses the challenges and advantages of only having four lights to keep on, and how much you can do one small batch at a time.

Show Notes:

00:58 - What makes Bent Stick unique?

03:30 - How did Bent Stick get started?

9:55 - swap the hop

13:55 - Aha Moment

21:34 - The Logo

26:50 - Homebrewers Guild

30:48 - 4:30 PM Stout

37:06 - What would you like to see happen in Alberta Beer?


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ACBGC Episode 6 - Ryan From Norseman Brewing

Today Andrew is joined by Ryan, Head brewer of Norseman brewing company. Norseman (and Ryan) have taken a long journey to get where there are, and Ryan shares some highlights from his time with the 6 years young rural brewpub.


Show Notes:

00:50 - What makes Norseman unique

04:20 The beers: then and now

10:00 - Different types of customers

16:07 - How did you get into beer?

20:59 - Cask beer

23:30 - Pilot System

26:13 - Design

28:39 - What do you want from Alberta beer

36:00 - walking pub crawl/ another brewery in Camrose

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