ACBGC Episode 7 - Bent Stick Ben


Andrew sits down with Ben, one quarter of Edmonton's first Nano brewery Bent Stick. Ben discusses the challenges and advantages of only having four lights to keep on, and how much you can do one small batch at a time.

Show Notes:

00:58 - What makes Bent Stick unique?

03:30 - How did Bent Stick get started?

9:55 - swap the hop

13:55 - Aha Moment

21:34 - The Logo

26:50 - Homebrewers Guild

30:48 - 4:30 PM Stout

37:06 - What would you like to see happen in Alberta Beer?


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ACBGC Episode 6 - Ryan From Norseman Brewing

Today Andrew is joined by Ryan, Head brewer of Norseman brewing company. Norseman (and Ryan) have taken a long journey to get where there are, and Ryan shares some highlights from his time with the 6 years young rural brewpub.


Show Notes:

00:50 - What makes Norseman unique

04:20 The beers: then and now

10:00 - Different types of customers

16:07 - How did you get into beer?

20:59 - Cask beer

23:30 - Pilot System

26:13 - Design

28:39 - What do you want from Alberta beer

36:00 - walking pub crawl/ another brewery in Camrose

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ACBGC Episode 5 - Tim from Alley Kat Brewing Co.

Today Andrew sits down with Tim, Production Manager at Alley Kat Brewing Co. Tim and Andrew chat about the Alberta brewing pioneer, as well as his own introductions to beer, and what drew him to the beer scene, and what inspired him to go pro. 

Show Notes:

00:58 - What makes Alley Kat unique?

02:50 - Beer of the Year

05:00 - Dragon Series

08:17 - What got you into beer?

13:58 - Hopfenzwickel/beer styles

19:00 - Back Alley Series

28:17 - Pilot System Policy

37:30 - Agressive Industry Expansion

40:51 - What would you like to see in Alberta Beer?


ACBGC Episode 4 - Taylor from Yellowhead

Today Andrew is joined byTaylor, Head Brewer at Yellowhead Brewery. Taylor talks with Andrew about starting from the bottom as a volunteer and grinding away to become head brewer, learning about and loving beer along the way.

Show Notes:

1:03 - What Makes Yellowhead Unique?

4:59 - What Got you into Beer?

8:03 - Volunteering at Yellowhead

14:40 - Learning from the best

21:10 - Whats in a Name?

25:14 - The Original Recipe

27:22 - New beers at yellowhead

31:43 - Test Batch Policy

37:35 - What do you want from the Future of Alberta Beer?

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ACBGC Episode 3 - Jacob

Today Andrew is joined by Jacob. Jacob has worn a lot of hats in the beer world, and he shares the story of all of them today on the Alberta Craft Beer Guidecast

Show Notes:

1:20 - Jacob asks why am I here?                                                                                    3:06 - European beer culture                                                                                            5:18 - What got you into beer?                                                                                          8:50 - Opening team w/Beer Revolution, Underground tap and grill                        12:37 - Coming on board at Bench Creek/Go and learn things about beer                  19:13 - the long board                                                                                                          21:47 - The Hermit                                                                                                                      29:26 - Unique Casks                                                                                                                31:37 - Nevermore series                                                                                                          36:28 - What do you want to see in Alberta beer  

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ACBGC Episode 2 - Don From Brewsters

From upstart brewpub in episode 1 to legacy Brewpub in Episode 2; today Andrew is joined by Don of Brewsters Brewing Co. Don has amassed a wealth of knowledge of the industry and the company in his 21 years at Brewsters. He shares some stories from all ends of the business with Andrew. 


Show Notes:

1:16 - What Makes Brewsters Unique?

5:45 - What got you personally into beer?

7:21 - How did you come onboard with Brewsters?

15:15 - Brewsters Reach

19:55 - Oliver Square renovation

22:33 - Rotational non-brewsters taps/supporting local

22:55 - Challenges of a legacy brewpub then and now

27:30 - Calgary facility expansion

31:33 - The Lab/QC

36:14 - What do you want from Alberta beer?

38:53 - Calgary Launch Party info


ACBGC Episode 1. - Wayne Sheridan of Situation Brewing

Welcome to the Inaugural Episode of the Alberta Craft Beer Guidecast, a podcast dedicated to shining a light on people doing good work in the Alberta craft beer scene. Today we are joined by Wayne Sheridan of Situation Brewing. Wayne talks with Andrew about being one of the first brewpubs to open under relaxed provincial regulation, and the joys and struggles of being an early adopter and a brewpub in a high traffic location. Get tickets to the launch here

Wayne Sheridan of Situation Brewing

Wayne Sheridan of Situation Brewing

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